We put our best efforts in delivering high-quality service for our customers. However, in case some customers are not satisfied with the delivery, we will refund them as per this refund policy.

Refund in case of a Service

We work with clients to set delivery milestones for the overall project and agree on intermediate payment based on them. We submit a work proposal studying the total scope of the project and ensure that both parties have a common understanding and agreement before starting the project. We strive to minimize the potential disputes, project cancellations, etc. early on in the project.

Clients are encouraged to inspect the delivery at every milestone and suggest modifications or improvements. In case of a refund request in the middle of the project, milestone payment will not be refunded as there has been significant time and effort investment for completing it. In case of mutual agreement on the project cancellation, the client will have full control over the delivered project till then, and future payments will be made void. No previous deposit or payment will be refunded.

Once the client has frozen the mockup design, there will not be refunds in case the project is canceled during the development phase of the project. There will not be partial refunds in the middle of milestone delivery. No cancellation is applicable for promotional offers sent by our marketing teams. A client should provide 15 days’ notice period before cancellation of the project. Projects that have been dormant for more than 30 days will not be refunded.

In case, after accepting the order and the client is not happy with it and wants to revoke the project, in the first stage only, we will deduct our service fee (20% of the total project cost) from the advance payment and refund the rest amount to the client.

Refund in case of buying Digital product

We will soon be launching our shop option, wherein we will be sharing digital products like ebooks for the readers. While purchasing them, we will be providing them all the details regarding the same.

The products purchased from our shop page won’t be entitled to any refund.