DIY Hacks To Check The Audience Growth

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Are you a content creator and trying to become successful? A successful content creator is a person who has a larger amount of audience for their content. Getting a new audience for your content must be an important step for you if you really want to grow.

Every content creator has a unique situation. Some of you are trying to become successful Youtuber. Someone wants to become Instagram Celebrity; Someone wants to get more likes on their Facebook page. All of us want to reach as many people as we can. But for this topic, we first have to find out what audience growth actually means.

Let us try to understand this topic as an example. Imagine you have a YouTube channel that has some subscribers. Suddenly one of your videos goes viral and is viewed by millions of users. But you only get a couple of hundred subscribers. In this situation, there is a very low amount of audience growth. So, this is a bad situation because only the people who have subscribed will be able to see your future content. But the people who have viewed your video and did not subscribe to your channel will not be able to see your future work.

Consider that the Audience growth topic doesn’t work around the present condition; it works around the future of your content. The current audience is going to remain the same, but in the process of growth, you have to get a new audience for your content.

There are many more content creators who are working very had to make awesome content. All of them can not reach their desired audience base. They are trying very hard to spread their content among other users. You are reading this article because you might be one of them. Checking growth in audience base will give you an idea of what things you are doing right or wrong. This is a must-take step if you want to become successful.

Here, I am going to talk about how to check your audience growth. Content creators use various platforms to publish their content. In this case, a single tool or method is not going to work. Every platform has different types of audience sorting method. For example, the audience on Facebook can be counted as a number of people who like your page. On Instagram, the audience base is counted as followers. So here, I am going to provide methods and tools for specific popular platforms.

Social Media Analytics

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular among content creators because these three platforms are ruling social media in terms of the user base. There are two main factors for checking social media growth.

  1. Size of Audience

This metric mainly focuses on the numbers of people who are engaging with you. There are mainly two factors affecting the size of your audience.

  • The growth rate in the audience


You can measure how much growth is happening on your social media accounts by doing some simple calculations. You have to note down your current audience size for this method. Then you have to keep noting down this number at the same time as next month or week. You can total these numbers and find percentage growth in the audience.

  • Number of new people in your audience base

You can check how many new users you are getting in an audience in a similar way as described above. You just have to take these weekly or monthly numbers and substitute old numbers with new numbers. This metric gives you actual growth in the audience base instead of giving you a percentage ratio.

  1. Engagement of users

Engaging your audience in your future content is an important step. You have to keep your audience interested in your content so that you do not lose the audience. Losing the current audience is the worst situation. Because to grow, you have to increase the number of audiences, not decrease it. To maintain and grow the audience, you have to be in touch with your audience frequently. You can check the engagement of your audience for your content by looking at various metrics.

  • Upvotes on Your posts

Like feature is provided on all major social media platforms. If a user feels that your post is good, then they give upvote by giving like to your post. This metric will help you to understand what your audience prefers. A post can be submitted in different ways like text-based, image-based, or any other type. You can find out which type of posts are being popular among old and new users, and you can focus on that particular category. You can manually measure like or favorite upvotes for various posts. This way, you can find out areas where you can focus on creating content in the future.

  • Shares per post

If a user likes your content and if he thinks that your content is outstanding, he or she might share your content with friends and family. If a user shares your content, that means that the user is so much engaged with your content, and he found it spread-worthy. You have to keep information about the number of shares per post. This way, you can find out specific areas where you are creating outstanding content. The More shares on your post, the more new audience will see your post.

  • Feedback

Your audience gives you feedback in the way of comments on social media. To engage your users, you have to give replies to their comments. This way, people will see that you are a good creator and will try to engage with you even more. People usually tag other people in comments. The person who has been tagged will receive notification and will check what your content is. This way, new users will be engaged in your content.

There are many tools available that will do these analytics for you. Some of them are free, and some of them are paid. You can find them on the internet.

Analytics for websites

Websites and blogs mainly depend on the number of visitors. This way, they can find out the particular type of visitors for their content. If you run a website, then you have to monitor the number of visitors on your website. This way, you can find out which type of content or which particular region to focus on to get more new visitors. You also have to track returning visitors. In the number of returning visitors increases, they congratulation my friend, you are doing it right.

There are many tools available on the internet that will give you complete analytics for your website. Here, I am mentioning some of them.

  • Google Analytics
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Similarweb
  • SEO book

Check growth on Youtube

Youtube is a popular platform for video content. If you are a Youtuber, then you are familiar with the section called creator studio. This is where you can find out every small detail about each of your Youtube videos. You can analyze that info for future content creation. You can apply similar methods I have written above. You can find out increment in your subscriber count and compare it with previous records.

Google Analytics tool also works with youtube. This tool will give you detailed info about your viewers and subscribers. Growth in the audience for your Youtube channel depends on your subscriber count.

There are many more methods to check audience growth. But I have described the most popular ones that will be helpful for most of the content creators. Keep in mind that growth in the audience is a time-consuming process. So do the right work and wait for the results.

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