DIY Hacks To Design Your Own Logo

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If you are creating your own brand, you will also need to design a logo for yourself. A logo is a very vital and the most integral part of branding. It is the symbol of public identification and recognition.

Your logo should have the following qualities:

  • It should be attractive so that audience finds it interesting.
  • It should be related to your brand; it should display some quality or function or your brand.
  • It should be simple and not too complicated; so that people remember it once they see it.
  • It should be unique, not resembling any other brand’s logo.

However, hiring a professional for designing a logo could attack your wallet, especially if you are a small business or on a strict budget. In that case, you should try and do most of the work yourself, so as to reduce your overhead charges. DIY — do it yourself! Did you know there are various apps and websites to help you create and design logos for your brand yourself? These websites provide you, pre-defined models to design your logo. This makes your work easier. Anyone can design a logo without a professional’s help. Some of these websites would charge just a little for their services, while most of these are absolutely free of charges.

Check out this list of tools which you can use to create logo on your own:

Canva has been the leading website for providing free logo designs. This website has various pre-defined templates of logos, pamphlets, invitations, flyers, business cards, and many more. These templates can be used as it is, or they can be customized according to your requirements or liking. You can add and customize text, colors, patterns, etc.

However, this website is free of charge platform so that anyone can use it. Therefore, you have to be a little extra on the creativity side to give your logo a unique touch and to make sure it does not resemble any other logos in the market.

This website also provides various downloadable file formats for your designed logo, so that it becomes to download as well as share across devices and platforms.

Online Logo Maker provides both free as well as premium packages for logo designing tools. This website has thousands of categories of pre-designed symbols and fonts, you can choose one of them, or you can pick one and customize it as per your need. The designs are really cool and catchy; some of them are unique, with a touch of your magic, they can become huge market symbols.

Designed logos can be saved and downloaded. Still, the premium package enables you to download higher resolutions as well as SVG vector file formats, which is more convenient to share across platforms.

Shopify is also an upcoming website for logo designing as well as other marketing tools that can be useful for online businesses. Even though it is a premium website, you need to pay a monthly subscription to continue using its features. It has a wide range of tools, which include QR Code generator, Business Name Generator, as well as logo designing options. You can design a logo and send it directly to your mailbox.

The Free Logo Makers is a trending website in the logo designing market. A lot of amateurs use this website as it provides a free hand interface, a basic yet interactive interface for designing logos. However, the pre-designed templates on these websites are limited and don’t help much with providing you creative ideas, but if you are someone who is already very creative and likes their logo altered 100% to their wish, this website is for you. This is a good option for a creative, unique, yet a low budget logo designing.

Logo Genie, as the name suggests, would act as a genie for you and fulfill your logo, designing wishes without much work. This website is popular for its user-friendly and easily understandable and usable interface. It has loads of pre-designed logos, which can be customized by putting in the name of your brand, choosing a color and font for the text, adding shades and gradients, etc. and Voila, you are done.

Yet another website, which is known for its amazing logo designing tools, Logo Garden, includes attractive designs and featured for coloring and giving shade, depth, and unique effects to your logo. This website provides an instant design and download interface for super-fast work. If you are running short on time but still do not want to compromise on the design, this website is for you.

Zillion Designs is not a website specifically for logo designing; it provides various services for designing and marketing campaigns for online businesses. It also provides a free logo-designing interface — a free Logo Maker. It has got pre-designed templates as well as text, font, and color suggestions with cool themes, interesting shapes, and patterns for designing a logo. You can customize, overlay, and alter these designs to create a unique logo, download, and share it in easy-share formats.

This website, like others on the list, also provides you a wide range of designing options as well as pre-designed templates to choose from. However, this website only lets you design a logo online, and download it in low resolution. To download a high-resolution logo, you will have to buy the premium package.

This quote from Maya Angelou — “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Perfectly describes why we need to do more of it yourselves and hire less professionals to do it.

But still, in the end, if you are not satisfied or not able to get what you wanted, you can hire a professional to do so. You will save your time, efforts and will get the desired result for sure. But if you want to do it yourself, you can try any of these tools to do so.

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