8 Signs Your E-Commerce Store Needs A Redesign

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Let’s start with why its necessary to redisign the site.

Is a redesign necessary?

If you who owns an e-commerce store, then you would surely know the importance of having a proper website. Along with having a suitable and effective website, it should also have a striking and compelling design. Otherwise, people would just end up visiting your website and exiting it as soon as the page loads. Not only does this decrease customer ratings, but this will also significantly reduce the SEO rankings of your page, causing it to go further down to the bottom of a large number of search results.

This is why you must redesign your website.  Even if you think your website is good enough, it always helps to update it and boost it up. So how can you identify if your website needs a redesign? Here are 8 vital signs that suggest that your website needs a little polishing as soon as possible.

  1. Your website looks old and outdated

The design matters just as much as the content. People like to see attractive things, so if you think that your website looks old compared to the other sites, then surely you need a redesign. Eye-catching web design will help to ensure that the users have their attention on your content.

  • The website is slow, taking a lot of time to load

In this digital era, everything is quick. And the rise of fast content can be associated with this factor itself. Nobody wants to visit a website that takes forever to load the content.

  1. Your website isn’t exactly user friendly

We all have a smartphone these days and we think it’s convenient to browse the internet on phone rather than on a PC. This is the prime reason why, along with having user-friendly features, your website should also be smartphone friendly. You definitely don’t want people to get frustrated about having to keep on sliding to the sides on your website since the website has a PC-friendly layout.

  1. Your website doesn’t show up on search results

Now that would be a bad thing after all, wouldn’t it? If you don’t have high search rankings, your website isn’t likely to be a success. If it happens so that your website is not showing up on Google or any other search engine for that matter, then it’s high time you redesigned it.

  1. You cannot add content to it

The only way your website gets better SEO rankings is when you make sure that the content is updated consistently. If you find it difficult to add or update content, then it’s a strong indicator of why you should revamp up your site.

  1. The website has poor conversion rankings

Your website’s conversion rankings are just as important as its SEO rankings because both of these factors are indicators of how well your website is doing. With poor conversion rankings, no matter how good your content is, your website might not make the mark.

  1. Your website isn’t in line with the goals and objectives of the company

Surely, the website may have been designed a few years ago, and now when you compare it with the current marketing strategies of your company, the site may not line up with it. In such a case, you must redesign your website.

  1. Your site is not a direct reflection of your brand or company

If this happens to be true with the case of your company, then a website redesign is mandatory, even if the other reasons are well taken care of.  Your website is about you, your brand, and your company. And if it is a reflection of something else that is not related to your company, then there is no point in even having such a website.  

Benefits of website redesigning

The main benefit of an improvised website is obviously the increased search engine rankings, which can be a great deal for your company, especially if you sell products and services. Along with this, an improvised website also means that more people are likely to flock to your site, which may, in turn, promote sales and enhance your growth.  A great design with great aesthetics can also be something for people to talk and share about, which could serve as free and authentic promotion for your site. All of these factors together contribute to increasing the conversion rankings and further boost sales.

How often should you redesign your website

The ideal period for updating or redesigning may vary for each website, and depends on many factors such as content, site usage, latest technology, etc. However, a generally recommended period would be between every two to three years. Doing so can also help you to be in check with the latest trends in the industry. 

Best practices in redesigning

Before you begin the process of redesigning, researching is extremely important. It will help you to analyze what works and what doesn’t, and it will also help you know better about what customers expect from or like on your website. If there have been complaints about user experience, then it is essential to identify these issues and work on resolving them to increase customer satisfaction. Once the research and analysis procedure is over, you will have a clear-cut idea of what you need to do.

Then, the next best thing to do is to create a definite timeline within which the work is to be completed. Without a deadline, the work is likely to lag for a long time. Analyzing competitor websites will also give you the edge in developing an effective redesign strategy. Make sure to review all designs and improvements before confirming them. And finally, once redesigning is done, conduct trial runs and quality tests to make certain that your website is running smoothly. 

Who provides the best services and costs associated with redesigning

Before committing to redesigning, you need to allocate a budget that is entirely for this purpose only. Then, find who provides the best services while you stay within your budget. If you cannot find one, then try to find alternative strategies that will help you get your website redesigned within the given costs. And if that doesn’t work out, you should research further and find out if going for an expensive redesign will actually benefit your website in the long term and then make a decision. The cost of redesigning depends on several factors. These days, many digital marketing agencies provide great services at affordable costs. Hiring a freelance website designer also works.


Just because you’ve completed redesigning, it doesn’t mean that the work is over. What are the practices that should be avoided so that the redesigning process doesn’t go in vain? What should be done to maintain the views and traffic on the website even after redesigning it? These questions will help you spot the errors and provide you with an insight into how the website should be further maintained.

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